Lessons on Downsizing.

Lessons in Downsizing.


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My wife and I crammed ourselves into the beautiful but tiny condo near San Francisco’s waterfront for a few weeks now and are still consumed with boxes. So far over 80 have been either recycled or filled with formerly important treasures headed for second hand land.

The hardest part is what to do with things that hand on the wall. Giving away clothing, hardware, kitchenware and furniture has been relatively painless. More daunting are things that hang on the wall. We have lots less space so the debate is ongoing on what to keep, consign, or throw away. We’ve solved the issue of our favorites. We plan on placing my favorites on the opposite side of the office where I will sit and vice-versa for my wife so neither has to look at what we hate.speaking-image-collage

On a more basic issue, I’ve been able to wear shoes again for the first time since smashing a heavy glass table top on my toe at the Marin County dump the day before the movers arrived. The pain of my injury was superseded only by the 8 shots the ER doctor gave me before sending me to X-RAY. I knew it was serious when one of the security guards at Kaiser emergency saw my foot and exclaimed,”That shit look baaad!”

Turns out it wasn’t broken and I’m almost pain free after three weeks.

I need your feedback on this one. Since moving to South Beach, I’ve noticed how many young people are smoking in San Francisco. Is it that there are so many more people that the law of averages is in force? Are they influenced by gratuitous smoking in movies? Could it be that since there are workmen everywhere as San Francisco is eternally high rising, that smoke breaks are a legitimate excuse for stopping to rest? I’m not sure. If you have the answer please enlighten me.

On a brighter note, I’ve been finding more money walking my dogs in highrise city than in Pacific Heights. I even found a dollar the other day in front of our neighborhood Starbucks. I’ve found more of those than anything so far. Could be careless tourists since dimes are smaller than pennies.

You might wonder how the change from my own two car garage in Mill Valley to one car parking and another on the street is going. Surprisingly well! Because we live near a business district, parking after six and on weekends is easy. What I’ve learned is to try to look up before parking. Great spots under trees become convenient depositories for bird guano. So not only do we have to find parking but watch out above or be prepared with cleaning materials in the morning.

Close to work-commute of less than 10 minutes. Walk to great restaurants. No more daily bridge tolls, lower HOA fees and lots of amenities… I think we’ll stay.

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