Conquering Cold Calling Fear is Revised

Conquering Cold Calling Fear (CCCF) was published in the last decade, with some success, including a Business Book of the Year award.

In 2012 I was asked to teach Personal Selling at San Francisco State University (SFSU). My students found that use of CCCF greatly enhanced their understanding the process of reaching ultimate decision makers (UDM’s)and led at least one of my students to change her career path and become an award winning media sales person in record time.

I ran out of books after three years so I shelved publishing my completed how to book and worked on updating CCCF. The revised edition has been released this week on Kindle. Now all the E-Book sellers have it available. Take a look at what some of my students have to say about the book:

Acclaim for Conquering Cold-Calling Fear
From Students
“This book is one of my favorite tools. Professor Surath provides the best real-life examples to help you overcome cold-calling fear and make you a better salesperson and businessperson. After reading it, I found myself getting more responses from the people I was calling.”
—Maria Gabriela Torres
Golden Gate University

“What I like the most about the book is that it is full of information on how to be more successful doing business with people. From cold calling to face-to-face meetings, Conquering Cold-Calling Fear offers practical tips that help even beyond sales management. It was particularly useful to my husband, who runs a small business of his own. His sales have increased and building partnerships have become much easier.”
—Aylan Aghamaliyeva, multi-lingual marketing and PR enthusiast

“I had the pleasure to be a student of Don’s at San Francisco State University. The first thing he said to me: “You’re going to be a great sales person.” Ha– no I’m not, because I’m going to be a reporter. Little did I know, a year later I was working at Yelp. Yelp offered the most intense training program, but everything they taught me didn’t compare to what I learned from Don Surath, the master of Conquering Cold-Calling Fear. Don taught me everything I know.”
—Nicole Landon, account executive

“This is one of the best books I’ve ever read; it has influenced my life in many ways, not merely in business. It has helped me overcome many challenges, and, most important, has taught me how to be a good salesperson. Professor Surath is a wizard—his teachings are magical, and the magic is in this amazing book!”
—Hsuansheng Lin, Golden Gate University

“Conquering Cold-Calling Fear is a blessing; it offered many efficient marketing methods that any student or aspiring salesperson can apply to daily working life. Using examples from the book, I’ve established a rapport that facilitates my success in the business world.”
—Voris Forté

It turns out CCCF is helping young people with interviewing skills that turn into employment opportunities. People who need help learning how to contact decision makers have been helped by reading CCCF. The revised edition incorporates some ideas that have helped aspiring MBA students. Who knows… maybe it can be of assistance in your career.

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